Frequently asked questions

What is the minimal rental period?
The minimum rental period is 3 days.
What is the maximum rental period?
There is not really a maximum rental period. You can rent a boat as long as you want.
What is a boat instruction?
A boat instruction is briefing by our experienced captain. This is an option we offer for people with no or hardly any experience driving a boat. Our captain will not only explain the boat and take you on a small tour, but will also show you the sights on the map so you can find the best spots.
Can I rent additional fishing gear?
Yes. We have a limited amount of fishing rods that can be selected as an extra option during the booking process. We use fixed pricing per rod for the rental period of your boat. We charge $50 per rod.
Where do we pick up and drop off the boat?
When you have booked a holiday home from Vacation Rentals Cape Coral, we offer free boat drop-off and pick-up as an extra service. Make sure you select the correct villa during the booking process and we will take care of the rest At the end of you reservation, we will pick-up the boat from your vacation address.
How many people can your boats hold?
We have boats capable of holding up to 15 people. There is a weight restriction however. When applicable, it’s mentioned on the boat page.
Do you offer guided tours?
Yes, we do. As an extra service for our customers, we offer guided boat tours where a tour captain takes you on a trip through the canals of Cape Coral, or on a dolphin spotting trip and more. For more information, check our Tours page.
Is there a security deposit?
Yes, for every boat we charge a refundable security deposit with an amount of $1000. The security deposit is a sum of money which is held during the length of the stay to cover the cost of any damages or loss and will be refunded after the boat is returned in the same condition.
Do you have discounts?
Yes, discounts are offered depending on the rental period. The longer you rent, the higher the discount. This is automatically calculated when you enter the dates you want to rent the boat.